What would the earth look like if man suddenly disappeared?

That is the question I am trying to answer in “Green Urbex”. And for that, the book is divided in three parts: In the first one, you will see places empty but untouched like if humans just disappeared. Only some dust is covering the floor. In the second part, walls are cracked and decay is present in every room. Humanity is long gone. In the final part, nature is slowly invading those places that used to be full of life, reminding us of the necessity to live in harmony with our habitat. Nature cannot resist much longer the pressure and damages Man is causing everywhere on the globe. We are all fascinated by this post-apocalyptic vision. Because maybe we need to be the witness of that to enjoy what we have and the time in front of us.  My pictures act as a new kind of “Memento Mori”; they are here to remind us that everything has an end, and that we should enjoy it while it lasts. Through 200 photographs taken in the most amazing abandoned places around the world, I will take you on a journey with me to castles, schools, hospitals, factories, churches that have been forgotten by us. You will ask yourself: Why was this place abandoned? What happened to the former owners? What used to happen in this room?  Your imagination will help you do the rest ! After Sylvain Tesson, Mathieu Bablet, author of the famous graphic novels “Shangri-la” and “Carbone and Silicium” made me the great honour of writing the introduction. His ecological and environmental work has always struck me as being close to the message I want to convey with my images.

“Let’s realize that these pictures are not silent about our absence! They buzz with life! These photographs do not show dead buildings, they show us buildings which are finally alive! »

Mathieu BABLET

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